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Caron Jones HR offers an array of out sourced HR services to help you in the day to day running of your business, we provide honest HR advice to you and your team that will enable you to focus on managing your business and motivating your people. We can introduce and support the following services for your company.
hr support
We audit all your HR Documentation to ensure UAE compliance and assist you with company formation, restructure or develop an in-house structure to your ongoing business.

We support new companies or existing companies to resolve necessary UAE business requirements that will enable the business to employ and start their employee journey. Caron Jones HR supports and provides clarity of UAE employment processes and procedures be it liaising with UAE government & Freezone authorities to gain employment approvals or de-ciphering government processes. We work with trusted outsourced suppliers for document notarising/attestation, company set up & trade license development and government liaison officers (PRO’s) to let the company concentrate on business development.
  • Manage the UAE employment process
  • Medical Insurance quotes
  • Provide personnel documents suite
  • Develop company mission, vision statement, core values
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hr documents
We provide you with over 200 personalised templates to manage your employees on a daily basis, from contracts to annual leave forms. CJHR works with you to draft comprehensive ways of working and how it is applied.

Caron Jones HR removes the onerous task of developing people paperwork necessary for effective, efficient employee management. Caron Jones HR personalises standard human resources letters and people documents that will minimise management time and reduce ‘hassle’ factors.
  • HR document templates
  • Employee handbook
  • Human Resources Policy & Procedures
  • Payroll
  • Employment Contracts
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employee journey
Develop an employee lifecycle from designing the interview process that works for you and assist in managing the recruitment process from offer letter to exit interview to ensure that all employees are fully engaged.

Caron Jones HR implements a set of people tools that assists your company develop its people strategies. From easy to use interview guides that standardise the initial introduction to the company, familiarisation programmes, development guides to exit plans. These tools enable the business to grow their employees and ensure they are fully immersed into the company culture and business goals.
  • Interview guides
  • Job Descriptions
  • Day to day people management support
  • Annual appraisals
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Create training solutions that will support your business growth, people development and a fully committed team.

Caron Jones HR supports your company in identifying the people skills sets needed to grow the business goals. Working with operational team managers Caron Jones HR gains an understanding of the skills gap, skills development and introduces resources available to enable your team to develop and drive business revenues and goals.
  • Coach & mentor
  • Skill competency
  • Business Language
  • Leadership
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performance management
We develop and design workplace competencies to support employee efficiencies and capabilities with tools to reward or correct performance behaviour.

Caron Jones HR, working with owners and operational management will create people measures and tools that will enable employee growth and ensure a disciplined approach to managing your team’s ways of working. Measuring aptitude and attitude with structured and timely 121 meetings to ensure a comprehensive view of each individual growth and development.
  • Probation review
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • Performance management processes
  • Regular people review
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We provide support and advice to the management team that enables business continuity and reduces concern and any potential breach of UAE labour law.

Caron Jones HR works with owners and operational management we maintain a ‘first person’ support structure that will coach and advise the business to make the right people decisions to protect all parties.
  • Clarify the policy
  • Detail the law
  • Be a 'sounding board'
  • De-personalise the process
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